Matt Wynne

Profile & Desired Role

Experienced, charismatic software developer, technical architect and coach with a passion for creating elegant software that is easy to read and provides immediate and lasting value to its users.

Looking for a role as either:

Core Strengths

Teamwork and Collaboration

Great communicator with a natural talent for bringing out the best in people, motivating teams and with a humble collaborative manner. Keen practitioner of Domain-Driven-Design to ensure a ubiquitous language is spoken throughout the team and the code.


Talented, creative and resolute problem-solver. Programming for fun since 1985; professional since 1997; over nine years programming for the web. Fluent in Ruby, C# and Javascript with the enthusiasm and ability to learn new languages quickly.

Object-Oriented (OO) Design Quality & Refactoring

Passionate advocate for code quality and elegance. Rich experience of OO modelling, appropriate use of design patterns. Confident and experienced in identifying and refactoring poorly designed code.

Agile & Lean Principles and Practices

Long-time agile evangelist, practitioner and coach of disciplined eXtreme Programming (XP) practices - pair programming, TDD, refactoring, user stories, metaphor etc. Qualified and experienced Scrum-master. Experience to pick the right practices for a team at a given time and help them learn and adapt as they go.

Estimation / Meeting Deadlines

The experience to know what is possible, the confidence to commit only to that which is possible and no more, and the courage and absolute determination to deliver on a commitment once made.

Leadership & Influence

BASI Snowboard Instructor with over 300 logged hours of on-snow teaching experience - comfortable in command of a group in workshop or meeting situations. Great breadth and depth of technical experience leading to natural respect from peers. Organised and self-motivated, practices inbox-zero and GTD.

Other Significant Skills & Experience


Matt has led a team of developers on one of our most high profile projects with great success. He's established a team that work fantastically well together and are producing perhaps the most technically sound product that we've seen to date. He displays a deep understanding of the technologies and architectures that he works with as well as how to deliver software effectively, something that he is both passionate and knowledgeable about. Matt has been a real asset to the team that he has led as well as to the department. I'd certainly like the opportunity to work with him again.

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

-- Dan Rough, Development Manager, BBC Worldwide (March, 2008)

Matt is a passionate and technically outstanding developer who has proven naturally talented in leading a large team of developers on a long running project and dealing with the expectations of the business from the other end. I would jump at the chance to work with him again.

-- Rob Bowley, Developer, BBC Worldwide (March, 2008)


Martin Fowler, Kent Beck, Ward Cunningham, David Allen, Taiichi Ohno, Bob Martin, Kathy Sierra, Paul Graham, Eric Evans, Why, Robert M. Pirsig

Employment History

August 2008 - Present: Senior Developer / Agile Coach,, London

Sept 2006 - June 2008: Lead Developer / Agile Coach, BBC Worldwide, London

March 2006 - May 2006: Consultant Architect / Developer, Omni Warranty Corp, Vancouver

August 2004 - July 2005: Consultant Developer, Standard Bank, London

July 2003 - August 2004: Performance Troubleshooter, Norwich Union / Aviva

May 2003 - July 2003: Consultant Developer H3O Media

July 2002 - April 2003: Development Team Leader Holiday Focus

April 2001 - March 2002: Senior Consultant Developer Norwich Union

Oct 1999 - April 2001: Permanent Developer EMI Recorded Music

March 1997 - Oct 1999: Permanent Developer WS Atkins